• Improved coordination and faster reflexes

  • Increased muscular control

  • Improved postural control

  • Increased range of motion of joints

  • Stretching of tight or spastic muscles

  • Increased endurance and low-level cardiovascular conditioning

  • Stimulates Sensory integration

  • Improved gross and fine motor skills

  • Improved balance and muscle strength



  • Improved self-confidence

  • Increased self-esteem and self-image

  • Development of patience

  • Emotional control and self-discipline

  • Expansion of locus of control

  • Improved risk-taking abilities

  • Sense of normality

  • Socialization and improved interpersonal skills

  • Increased perception of quality of life and life satisfaction

  • Stress reduction



  • Learning horseback riding knowledge and skills

  • Learning safe behaviors for riding


Types of disabilities and conditions


There is a very wide variety of disabilities that can

benefit from the therapy provided through horseback riding



  • Traumatic brain injury

  • Spinal cord injury

  • Stroke

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Muscular dystrophy

  • Cognitive Defects

  • Autism

  • Addiction/Substance Abuse problems

  • Amputations

  • Cerebral palsy

  • Spina bifida

  • Mental retardation

  • Behavioral problems

  • Learning disabilities

  • Emotional problems

  • Hearing, speech and visual impairments

  • Orthopedic conditions



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